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"/> NESSCAP4.6V3.5F法拉电容(超级电容、黄金电容)-行业动态-广州市羽凌电子有限公司 亚博足球,亚博足球,亚博88下载亚博88



Part Number:EMLLR-0003C5-004R6U
Internal Resistance(mΩ):AC(1KHZ)<110?? DC<143
Max. Current(A):5.4(1 sec dischargerate to 1/2VR)
Leakage Current(mA):17毫安(72hours, 25℃)


Stored Energy(Wh):0.01(at VR)
Specific Energy(Wh/kg):1.89

Rated Voltage,VR:4.6V
Surge Voltage:5.4V
Capacitance Tolerance:-10%/+20%
Operating Temperature Range:-40~65摄氏度
(│ΔC│<30% and ΔESR < 4 times of initially measured value at 25?C,respectively)
Storage Temperature Range:-40~70摄氏度
Life Time at RT(1):10 years
Cycle Life (25?C)(1)(2):500,000 cycles
((1)│ΔC│ < 30% and ΔESR < 2 times of initially specified value ,respectively and LC < specified value
(2) Cycle : between rated voltage and half rated voltage under constant current at 25?C)


??? 广泛应用于水,电,燃气智能三表领域及通讯产品。

??? 广州市羽凌电子有限公司为Nesscap中国代理商,Nesscap产品以其良好的性价比逐渐被广大的中高端用户所接受,品牌知名度和市场占有率不断提升,在众多的国内外超级电容器中独树一帜、优势明显。






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